When I chose a design and quotation for a unique Mary Stewart locket, it got me thinking about sharing Mary Stewart quotes on this blog – there may not always be enough time to (re-)read one of her books but we can hopefully spare a moment to enjoy one of her quotes.

So here is a short – really short – sentence from My Brother Michael. It appears in chapter 5, when Simon Lester and Camilla Haven are driving to Arachova at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Greece.

The night swooped by, full of stars.

I think this is beautiful. The quote also feels so glamorous to me and I don’t even really know why – perhaps for me it has connotations of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, both cool, both poised, both the last word in sophistication, driving an open-top car in the film To Catch a Thief?

(I know. An open-top car for sunny days not starry nights. It must be the swooping that is the link? Is swooping glamorous?)

Or is it simply that there is, perhaps, an implication here that Camilla and Simon are speeding forward purposefully in their lives?

I don’t know what makes me adore this quote so much but I do.

Okay, does anyone want to swap quotes? I’d love to hear about your favourite literary quotes – by Mary Stewart or any other author.