Mary Queen of Plots

The writing of Mary Stewart (1916-2014)

Questions and comments

This is a space for general, public comments and questions.

There is still the opportunity to reply below every post – for comments that tend to be specific, relating to the book/subject of each post, and these are public comments.

There is still  the ‘Get in Touch’ form. This contact form is private, your comment is emailed to me and I reply to your email address. (For example, if you were to win a book giveaway and needed to send me your address, or if you had a spoilerific plot enquiry, this is the best way to contact me.) Many interesting comments have arrived via this ‘Get in Touch’ form, not for privacy reasons but because it was the best way to send a question that was not connected to any of my posts. Now you can contact me using this page, the conversation will be public and everyone can join in!

This is an experiment, I don’t know if it will work very well. Please let me know if there is a better way to manage comments and questions!

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