Today is the third anniversary of the death of writer Mary Stewart. She lived to the age of 97, having published 24 books before her death on 9 May 2014. This date also marks exactly 72 years since she met her husband Frederick Henry Stewart on 9 May 1945. He died in 2001.

I was not sure how to mark this date, all I knew was that I didn’t want to let the day go past unremarked. And then I remembered BookCrossing, the website where you can ‘release your books into the wild’ for someone else to enjoy. Introducing an unknown book-finder to the novels of Mary Stewart seems like a good way to commemorate her life – what do you think?

Deciding to give away three Mary Stewart books from my collection (regular readers of this blog know that I am unable to resist buying copies old and new of Mary Stewart’s books, so it is probably very good for me to give some away!), I chose Thunder on the Right, The Gabriel Hounds and Thornyhold. By registering your book at BookCrossing, you can track its progress via its unique BookCrossing Identification (BCID) number – look on the website for full details of how this works. Here are my books, registered on the BookCrossing website:

My giveaway books, registered on BookCrossing

Next, I typed up labels to stick inside the books.

BookCrossing labelling

Today, I left these books at three different locations locally. Here’s The Gabriel Hounds

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Thunder on the Right was to have been left in the Abbey below – but I got chatting to the lady working in the giftshop there and gave it to her! Hopefully she will pass the book on once she has read it.

The Abbey

The final book, Thornyhold, was left here:

Then I left release notes on the BookCrossing site. I hope that the finder of at least one of these books will register its journey on the website – and hopefully all who read the books will become lifelong Mary Stewart fans!

Has anyone else given away or found books on BookCrossing? I’d love to know your story.

So today I have given away three books and written two posts in honour of Mary Stewart. Now I am going to read a chapter or two of one of her books – will you join me in enjoying her writing today?