Since I began writing this blog I have been delighted and thankful for all the lovely comments I have received about Mary Stewart, by email and on the blog itself: a community of Mary Stewart readers is a thing of beauty! I rather got out of the way of blogging, for various reasons, but I am so heartened by the response to the two recent/recent-ish info posts, and by Suzanne’s offer of a guest review (Guest Review of This Rough Magic) to help keep the blog going. These recent comments have reminded me of all the reasons I enjoyed blogging so much, and of all the wonderful discussion, support and contributions – of reviews, opinions, taking part in surveys, reading aloud snippets of Mary Stewart’s work, and more – that have been given so generously by Mary Stewart readers from the beginning of Mary Queen of Plots. Thank you all so much.

I hope that this doesn’t read as a mawkish farewell – actually, it is intended as ‘hello again’. I have looked out my copies of My Brother Michael in preparation for a ‘Book Art’ post and I am trying to think how on earth to mark the anniversary of Mary Stewart’s death (9 May) and what would have been her birthday on 17 September. Suggestions most welcome!

Today is World Poetry Day, so here are a few lines from Mary Stewart’s poem Persephone, from Frost on the Window and other poems:

I am the Maiden, the Mother,
The goal, the quest,
Tyrant, beloved, desired,
The hated, blest,
Who brings with comfort, rebellion,
With rest, unrest.

Happy World Poetry Day!