Hello all, this is a brief post to highlight that there is a lovely adaptation of Madam, Will You Talk? being broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It is in two hour-long parts, with part one having aired for the first time this weekend and part two due to play at 3.00pm next Sunday (UK time). Also, I haven’t checked if this is correct but I believe that the episodes are available internationally. I listened to the first episode and enjoyed it a great deal, we are taken as far as Charity’s arrival in Marseille and I feel that mood and setting have been conveyed very well. Enough from me, enjoy the adaptation here!

Also: first aired on 17 August 2020 and accesssible for several more weeks, there is a discussion of Mary Stewart, including promotion of this radio adaptation and the treatment of female v male writers, on BBC Woman’s Hour. Writers Harriet Evans and Jane Casey talk about their favourite Mary Stewart novels. You can listen here. The section on Mary Stewart starts at 31m50s.

Some links:

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Website of Mahla Bess, programme illustrator: I have used her gorgeous image in this post (and just take a look at the lovely mugs and prints in her Etsy shop!)

Info on Marcy Kahan (who adapted Madam, Will You Talk? for this radio production)

Info on director/producer Caroline Raphael