Happy publication day to The Little Broomstick which has been re-issued today! It is so good to see The Little Broomstick flying out once more and with a new cover. I am reminded of Mary Stewart’s pleased reaction to reprints of her books during her lifetime, as recounted by her niece in this Herald article about the reprint of The Wind Off the Small Isles:

She loved reprints, and would always say, ‘I’m still alive, I’m still around.’

Well, let’s be thankful that her heart-stutteringly suspenseful books, written so exquisitely, are ‘still around’.

The Little Broomstick is a children’s novel but I would urge adults as well as children – everyone who enjoys good writing – to read this classic, magical tale. I summarised The Little Broomstick previously (and by typing the book-title in the Mary Queen of Plots search box I see that this book features in twenty (!) blogposts in discussions of everything from the film ‘Mary and the Witch’s Flower’ to the differences between the UK and US editions) but now I have also posted a short review on my other blog, The Three Rs Book Blog, in hopes of reaching readers who are not (yet) dedicated fans of Mary Stewart’s writing. You can read that review here: The Little Broomstick.

Lastly, I hope to be able to offer a book giveaway next week. Watch this space!