Here is a quick post about Mary Stewart books. I have started looking out for her novels in bookshops and libraries and then photographing any I find (of course this also leaves me open to the temptation of buying *even more copies* of her novels). Here are the snaps:

Edinburgh Central Library
Edinburgh Central Library

I took this photo earlier today in the fiction section in Edinburgh Central Library. As I hope you can make out, this photo shows all five of Mary Stewart’s novels set in Arthurian times plus four of her suspense novels. Well done, Edinburgh Central, I call this a pretty good Mary Stewart selection! Less pleasingly, I was also in Blackwell’s bookshop (Edinburgh’s oldest bookshop) and they had no Mary Stewart books instore at all – although, of course, they can order her books on request.

Waterstones, Edinburgh Princes St

I took this photo in Waterstones (Princes Street, Edinburgh, branch) about a week ago.  My Brother Michael was alone in the Crime section and I moved it over to join the Mary Stewarts in General Fiction, making the total selection in this shop one Merlin book plus eight suspense novels, all in the beautiful new covers. This lovely selection proved too much for me and I had to break my already pretty generous rule of buying no more than one Mary Stewart a month… as you can see in my tweet:

During the summer I paid a rare visit to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and found this selection of Mary Stewarts:

Mitchell Library, Glasgow
The Mitchell Library in Glasgow

Six suspense novels is pretty good, I am glad to see a love of Mary Stewart in Glasgow as well as Edinburgh.

In Dunfermline, I haven’t been able to take a photo of any Mary Stewarts – I’d like to think they are all out on loan but the Fife-wide catalogue shows a horrid lack of her novels: they hold only 12 Mary Stewart books in total, including an omnibus from 1981. So that is about 1 Mary Stewart per 3 libraries. This makes me sad!

Morningside Library, Edinburgh

This small library is just a few minutes’ walk from Mary Stewart’s past Edinburgh home: I was so glad to see it display her latest book The Wind Off the Small Isles soon after its 2016 re-issue that I blogged about it here.

My Mary Stewart bookshelves (2016)

I took this photo as I began this Mary Queen of Plots blog last year. Writing has caused my Mary Stewart book-buying to escalate absurdly and now my collection is more like this:

Hmm. Okay, let’s move on, nothing to see here! I want to finish this post with a plea: I’d love to see your photos of Mary Stewarts – novels perhaps sitting on your bookshelves or spotted in libraries, bookshops or charity shops. Let’s start a photo album!

And here is an addition to the photo album, thank you ‘Blue Skies’ for this beautiful photograph (funny, I fancy a cuppa now…)



Linda Borromeo (you can see her author website here) has sent this lovely photo of (some of) her Mary Stewart books – thanks for sharing, Linda!