This is Mary Stewart Day because today would have been the writer’s 101st birthday: she was born on 17 September 1916, and died on 9 May 2014.

Tomorrow – 18 September – is Hide a Book Day, a day for book fairies to leave behind books for others to find, read and pass on. This Day is also part of a celebration of the Goodreads website being ten years old. I hope to take part as a book fairy tomorrow and blog about it on my other book blog, The Three Rs.

Today, however, I am being a sneaky book fairy. I am acting a day early, to leave a Mary Stewart book for someone else to find while it is Mary Stewart Day. Perhaps I should call this #HideAMaryStewartBookDay! Here is the book I am donating:

The Wind Off the Small Isles and The Lost One, Hodder pb 2017, illustration Swim Ink 2 LLC/Contributor/Getty Images

The Wind Off the Small Isles and The Lost One is a novella and a short story, both about a young woman called Perdita, and also included in the book is an extract from This Rough Magic. I hope that the finder will enjoy these stories. Now, I find that I can’t quite bring myself to deface a book cover by *sticking* a sticker on it so my sticker is just held in place by ribbon. Also, I didn’t think to buy green ribbon so I am making do with white wrapping paper ribbon. Here is my book, ready to be left somewhere to be found by a new reader:


And this is where I plan to leave the book this morning:

I am looking forward to being a book fairy, and of course I am hoping that whoever finds the book will become another fan of Mary Stewart’s writing.

Happy Mary Stewart Day!