As part of our celebration of Mary Stewart Day, I rashly suggested that it might be a good idea to record ourselves reading aloud short snippets from Mary Stewart books. I hadn’t figured out how to upload audio onto WordPress, I had no idea which file formats do and do not work (M4A seems to work well). And I failed to remember that I don’t like the sound of my own voice. Cue some last-minute work and some serious cringing. Plus a cat that ruined my first take by rattling the bell on her collar and miaowing! Cryssa, on the other hand, could narrate audio books for a living – you will really enjoy listening to her read the beginning of the Prologue from The Crystal Cave.

The Crystal Cave – Prologue – excerpt

Read by author Cryssa Bazos. Runs for 2m 31s.

And you can read Cryssa’s lovely Mary Stewart Day post here: An Ode to Mary Stewart

Madam, Will You Talk? – Chapter Nine

Read by Mr M. A short excerpt describing Les Baux. Running time: 0m 30s

Wildfire at Midnight – Chapter One

Read by me. Excerpt from part-way through the opening chapter: 1m 26s

Ludo and the Star Horse – Chapter One

Read by me from Mary Stewart’s children’s book Ludo and the Star Horse: 2m 29s.

The Ivy Tree – Chapter One

Read by author Elizabeth St John: 4m 18s


If anyone else would like me to add a Mary Stewart reading that they have recorded, please let me know.