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What a week! Within the last seven days I have celebrated my own birthday, my daughter’s birthday and now it is time to celebrate the first birthday of this Mary Stewart blog. According to WordPress, this post also just happens to be the 100th I have written, which seems like a pretty exciting milestone to me. When I began this blog exactly one year ago today – and I began it as merely a work-related exercise (thank you so much, 10 Things!) – I had absolutely no idea:

  • how compulsive blogging would become – and that I would even begin a second blog account (The Three Rs book blog);
  • how the act of keeping this blog would feed my obsession with Mary Stewart and also with Mary Stewart ‘stuff’: I have soooo many copies of each of her books but I am still hungry for more. And take a look at this Mary Stewart-related gift I received for my birthday, three bangles engraved with Mary Stewart quotes, thanks to my wonderful husband (with some, um, direction from me). The quotes are ‘The night swooped by, full of stars’, ‘The whole affair began so very quietly’ and ‘Being kind’s the main thing, isn’t it?’ These bangles with their personalised, hammered quotations are from amazing Etsy shop Stampywampydoodah and I love them. What quotes would you choose?


  • that I would still have something to write about after a whole year! My original ‘plan’ was to write about each of the novels in turn every 1 – 2 weeks. Therefore 24 books would take me 24 – 48 weeks (and then what? Stop, I think). I never was a great planner. So far I have written ‘Pages’ for only seven of Mary Stewart’s books, and instead I have had enormous fun playing with quizzes and polls, photo-blogging about following in Madam, Will You Talk? character Charity Selborne’s footsteps in Provence, and sharing gorgeous book covers;
  • that I would correspond with so many wonderful people. I have come to see that Mary Stewart must have the best, most intelligent, most funny, friendly, wonderful fans in the universe. I have received so many thought-provoking, kind, guffaw-inducing, insightful comments and emails and I feel that some real friendships have been forged here. Yes, I am getting soppy now, that is most un-Scottish/un-British of me so I’ll stop; and
  • that blogging about Mary Stewart’s short story ‘The Lost One’ (for example, here) would lead to its publication alongside The Wind Off the Small Isles in paperback at the end of June. I am never going to be able to achieve anything like that ever again – but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop blogging.

So, my first year of blogging is over – and I’m looking forward to whatever this next blog-year brings. Cheers!


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