I have just created a new quiz on SurveyMonkey, this time on the remarkable debut novel of Mary Stewart, Madam, Will You Talk?

I am really, really enjoying creating quizzes, I think I’m going to make up as many as SurveyMonkey will let me create for free. And it’s Thursday. Which I can match with quiZ by spelling it  ThurZday  (yep, me too, annoyed already). So, along with my irregular quote posts (Mary on Monday) and survey/poll posts (Saturday Surveys), we now have Thurzday Quizdays – I hope you’re applauding my imaginative post headings!

Hopefully, so long as you have read the novel this survey won’t be nearly as difficult as the first quiz! There are no spoilers. Enjoy the questions and good luck, here is today’s test of knowledge:

Madam, Will You Talk? Quiz

Madam, Will You Talk? 2011 re-issue by Hodder. Cover illustr Robyn Neild; Gerd Hartung/akg-images