Fanfare please: today we have a Mary Stewart Quiz based on her suspense novels! It is only fair to warn you that I may be on my way to having Quiz and Survey Mania, because making up Mary Stewart questions and answers is so enjoyable.

I really hope that these questions will be fun for everyone. I don’t think they are hugely tricky… but, then again, I have read each book multiple times (and I had the paperbacks open in front of me to help me think of questions).

I have avoided spoilers in my choice of questions and answers.

I hope that these questions work worldwide. I know that the US versions of Mary Stewart’s novels differ sometimes in some ways (but only in small ways?) from the UK copies that I am working from – so please do let me know if there are any questions or answers that just don’t make sense, for example, if I refer to people not included in your version of a novel.

I again used lovely, clever SurveyMonkey to create this quiz. It was my intention to ask one question about each of the 15 suspense novels BUT then I discovered that it is only quizzes and surveys of ten questions or less that are available free. So. This quiz has ten questions.

As I explained in my Saturday Survey, I can’t embed surveys or quizzes in my free wordpress account but I can provide links to access them, so here is my first ever quiz:

The Mary Stewart Quiz – her suspense novels

Please let me know if there are any flaws or difficulties, or drop me a line with future quiz suggestions.