Recently I started a poll to explore just who are our favourite Mary Stewart characters. That survey aimed to find out our favourite heroine/narrator from the five earliest Mary Stewart books, from Madam, Will You Talk? to My Brother Michael. So far, the vote between Charity and Linda in particular is close. If you have not yet voted in this first poll, please do so!

Next up was the poll on the ‘middle’ five novels, that is the heroines of The Ivy Tree through to The Gabriel Hounds.  Not very many votes have been cast as yet; Lucy and Vanessa are faring best so far. If you would like to vote, please go to this second poll. 

Now I am posting our poll for the latest five suspense novels, published between 1968 and 1997.


Again, I really hope that you will vote – and please leave a comment too if you can. The comments from the earlier polls are well worth reading for how different readers made the decision they did, and which of the five heroines they struggled to choose between.

Finally, can I again ask you to spread the word about these polls, please? It would be great to have many votes cast to give us a true picture of just who is our most popular Mary Stewart heroine. Thank you!

Featured image information.

The latest heroines are much more difficult to find images for, as book cover trends (in the UK at any rate) have moved away from representing characters in favour of place.

Clockwise from the largest image we have:

Perdita (from Woman’s Journal, Fleetway Publications Ltd, June 1960, short story ‘The Lost One’, illustrated by William Rose)

Bryony (from The Reader’s Digest Association Ltd, 1976, of Touch Not the Cat, illustrated by Robert McGinnis)

Kate (from Hodder paperback, 2011, of Rose Cottage)

Gilly (from The Reader’s Digest Association Ltd, 1989, of Thornyhold, illustrated by Sergio Martinez)

Rose (from Hodder paperback, 2011, of Stormy Petrel, illustration © Robyn Neild, © Lordprice Collection/Alamy)