Last Saturday I started a survey to explore just who are our favourite Mary Stewart characters. That survey aimed to find out our favourite heroine/narrator from the five earliest Mary Stewart books, from Madam, Will You Talk? to My Brother Michael. So far, the vote between Charity, Linda and Camilla is incredibly close. If you have not yet voted in this first poll, please do so!

Mary Stewart wrote 15 suspense novels so this poll is on the ‘middle’ five novels, that is the heroines of The Ivy Tree through to The Gabriel Hounds.

I have dithered and swithered about whether to include The Wind Off the Small Isles in this list so that it is a poll of all the 1960s thrillers but decided to split the poll into three sets of five heroines instead. The dates are, after all, quite arbitrary: some might argue that My Brother Michael belongs in the 1960s group as that is when it was first published in book form; someone else might argue that The Ivy Tree belongs in the 1950s as that is when it was written with only the final ‘polishing’ draft taking place in 1960.

So here is our poll:


I really hope that you will vote – and if you can also take the time to write a comment that would be wonderful. The comments from the first poll are well worth reading for how different readers made the decision they did, and which two of the five heroines they struggled to choose between.

Again, can I ask you to spread the word about these polls, please? It would be great to have many votes cast to give us a true picture of just who is our most popular Mary Stewart heroine. Thank you!

Featured image information.

I made this collage for free via PicMonkey. Our pictured heroines, l to r, are:

Lucy (from Companion Book Club edition, 1964, of This Rough Magic, illustrated by Victor Bertoglio);

Christy (from Hodder paperback, 1969, of The Gabriel Hounds, illustrator unknown);

Nicola (from Hodder paperback, 1969, of The Moon-Spinners, illustrator unknown);

Mary/Annabel (from The Reader’s Digest Association Ltd, 1963, of The Ivy Tree, illustrated by Walter Wyles);

Vanessa (from The Reader’s Digest Association Ltd, 1966, of Airs Above the Ground, illustrated by Francis Marshall)