I thought it might be fun to explore just who are our favourite Mary Stewart characters. Let’s start by finding out our favourite heroine/narrator from the earliest Mary Stewart books, in the 1950s (and I am including My Brother Michael in this despite the Hodder & Stoughton first edition being published in the UK in February 1960: this book was serialised in Argosy magazine in 1959). So, please select one character and vote for her.


Was this an easy choice for you or have you agonised between two or more heroines? Are you annoyed because you would rather have voted for Louise or Marcia or one of the other supporting characters? Do you have any thoughts on who should play your character choice in a film? – Because, come on, these books are crying out to be made into amazing films! I’d love to hear any comments you want to make.

Can I ask you to spread the word about this poll, please? It would be great to have lots of votes cast to give us a true picture of just who is our most popular Mary Stewart heroine. Thank you!

Featured image information.

I made this collage for free via PicMonkey. Our pictured heroines, clockwise beginning with the large image, are:

Charity (from Doubleday One Dollar Book Club bulletin, July 1956, of Madam, Will You Talk?, illustrator not known);

Gianetta (from Hodder paperback, 1969, of Wildfire at Midnight, illustrator unknown);

Jennifer (from Woman magazine, 18 May 1957, of Thunder on the Right serialisation called ‘The Small Blue Flower’, illustrated by John Heseltine);

Camilla (from Hodder paperback, 1971, of My Brother Michael, illustrator unknown);

Linda (from Hodder paperback, 1968, of Nine Coaches Waiting, illustrator unknown)