I spotted this on twitter last night:

When you read the article (go on, click on the link!), you see that it is a campaign launch to ‘salute Edinburgh’s greatest women’.

As the writer of the article, Fiona Pringle, puts it,

the city’s statues of women are outnumbered by those of animals

which is just a tad depressing, especially in a city stuffed with statues. And I doubt that Edinburgh is alone in failing to celebrate its great women. While on holiday in Avignon at the end of March, which I have been blogging about in relation to Mary Stewart’s novel that is set there, Madam, Will You Talk? , (for instance, see here) I was thrilled to spot the above statue of a woman in the Rocher des Doms gardens. Going closer, however, she is an unnamed shepherdess sculpted to honour a named, male artist. Sigh.
20170329_oh a man

Oh. It’s an unnamed woman/shepherdess as homage to a male artist

Is it not about time we started doing better than this? I think so. As Fiona Pringle states:

Despite all the accomplishments of the Capital’s women over the centuries, their stories remain hidden – tucked away only to be unearthed on an anniversary or when a local group takes an interest and tries to make a change.

She goes on to look for our input –

What Do You Think?

Do you agree that we do not do enough in Edinburgh to recognise the achievements of the city’s women? If so, who would you like to see honoured and in what way? Would you be prepared to support a crowdfunding appeal to help pay for a statue? Let us know by e-mailing Fiona Pringle at fiona.pringle@jpress.co.uk, writing to Fiona at Orchard Brae House or adding your comments on our website or Facebook page.

Read more at: http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/campaign-launched-to-salute-edinburgh-s-greatest-women-1-4415842?lo

I have fired off an email today, and of course I make a plea for Mary Stewart (and other writers) to be honoured with a plaque or other visible acknowledgment of the pleasure her/their writing has given to so many.  Whoever your choice of Edinburgh’s greatest woman or women might be, will you send a response to Fiona Pringle, in support of a campaign ‘to celebrate the achievements of Edinburgh’s women just as well as we do those of our men’? I hope you will!