As usual I am late to the party – if only I’d spotted this on Tuesday! – but in the spirit of “better late than never” I am taking part for the first time in The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday which is this week on anything to do with fandom. As I am a Mary Stewart megafan, I am going to look at what any self-respecting fan wants needs in the way of Mary Stewart-related stuff…

10. Merlin Calendar (1984) – I spotted this about 10 years ago and bought it. Just because. Apparently this calendar comes into its own, matching day and date, every 28 years, so it would have worked fine for 2012 you know. Who knows, I might use it in 2040.

Mary Stewart’s Merlin Calendar, 1984, paintings by Greg Hildebrandt

9. Mug – this is a very recent acquisition, I had some blurb on Mary Stewart from a 1950s magazine printed onto a china mug by zazzle (tip: look out for special offer discounts).

Mary Stewart on a mug

8. Bookmark – it was a lovely surprise when I bought my first edition copy of The Little Broomstick and this bookmark was inside. Everyone should have at least one Mary Stewart bookmark.

7. Mary and the Witch’s Flower bag – I don’t have this. I am longing to find out when the Studio Ponoc animated film of The Little Broomstick is being released in the UK and I really really really want this bag.

6. Customised tote bag – still, at least I have this bag. Again, this was made to order at zazzle, I think it was about £6? A fandomtote (that ought to be a word) is surely a must-have item.

My fandomtote

5. Customised locket – I adore my gorgeous locket so much I have blogged about it already, here. It is from Etsy shop The Locket Library.

The Spell of Mary Stewart book locket

4. Painting – I don’t know if any of Mary Stewart’s paintings or drawings have ever been sold but I feel sure I’d be delighted to have some of her artwork on my wall! As a schoolgirl she ‘had drawings hung in Junior Exhibitions at Burlington House’. Yes please – can someone exhibit her work now? Thanks.

3. Yellow jade figurine – If you have everything else and have pots of cash, this bixie figure belonged to Mary Stewart and just might still be on the market, if it didn’t sell at auction earlier this week. I believe it was valued at about £300,000-£400,000. I posted about auctions of books and jewellery from Mary Stewart’s estate here and here.

Yellow jade figure, photo copyright Sothebys

2. House – well, if you’re wealthy enough to buy the figure, what is stopping you from buying Mary Stewart’s Argyllshire house? Actually it has now been sold but perhaps if you put in an absolutely enormous offer… And yes, I blogged about the house. Here. I really hope that it has been bought out of sheer fandom!

House of Letterawe. Photo courtesy of selling agent Robb Residential

1. The Enchanted Journey – and here we move from the expensive to the priceless. Mary Stewart’s first book was children’s book The Enchanted Journey. It has never been published. Yet. Oh please let this be published.