Hello to all Mary Stewart fans, I’m starting 2017 with a request for your input please.

I am fascinated by Mary Stewart’s effortless-seeming success in a number of writing genres. Her earliest published books were suspense / romantic suspense / thrillers / romances / Gothic fiction / adventure thrillers (no-one seems to agree on the best classification). She followed this up with her Merlin books, often classified as historical fiction or fantasy, and has also written wonderful children’s fiction and poetry.

What I would like to find out in this poll is which genre you like best.

You can see that I have divided the suspense novels into early and late – I have done this because I have seen and read so often that readers differentiate between Mary Stewart books in this way. Mary Stewart herself divided her suspense books according to whether they were written before or after The Crystal Cave (1970) but I find that readers tend to categorise Touch Not the Cat (1976) with her earlier suspense novels. NB The Prince and the Pilgrim (1995) is classed as a Merlin novel because it too is set in the world of Arthur’s Britain.

I’d love to hear your views – so please vote and I’d love it if you left a comment too. Thank you!

The Categories

Suspense – early (1950s to 1970s)

Madam, Will You Talk? / Wildfire at Midnight / Thunder on the Right / Nine Coaches Waiting / My Brother Michael / The Ivy Tree / The Moon-Spinners / This Rough Magic / Airs Above the Ground / The Gabriel Hounds / The Wind off the Small Isles / Touch Not the Cat

Suspense – late (1980s and 1990s)

Thornyhold / Stormy Petrel / Rose Cottage

Merlin / historical / fantasy

The Crystal Cave / The Hollow Hills / The Last Enchantment / The Wicked Day / The Prince and the Pilgrim


The Little Broomstick / Ludo and the Star Horse / A Walk in Wolf Wood


Frost on the Window and other poems