Welcome to my Mary Stewart Advent Calendar, now on Day 17. Today I am following up my posts of 12 December and yesterday on Mary’s childhood education by looking at the last boarding school she attended before university.

As we know from previous posts, Mary was forced to change school at age 14 because Eden Hall, Penrith, went bankrupt. She won a scholarship to Skellfield School.

I have just found this advertisement for the school from 1932, when Mary was a pupil there – I found this picture via Google images but it was actually for sale on eBay (the friendly seller  barrelorgan has lots of vintage school ads etc for sale).

Skellfield School, 1932

In ‘About Mary Stewart'(p5), Mary tells us that

I was given a bursary to Skellfield School, at Baldersby Park in Yorkshire. It was a good school, well run, and I blossomed and was happy. I ended up as Head of House, and House Cricket and Tennis Captain.

After four years, which seem to have been happy ones, Mary left Skellfield for Durham University in 1935. A few years later, Skellfield School was being utilised by the RAF during WWII. It is now the home of another independent girls’ school.