Today is Day 15 of my Mary Stewart Advent Calendar and I would like to share a tiny newspaper article. It is another piece of information about Mary Stewart’s father, Rev Frederick Albert Rainbow.

I found this article in The Sunderland Echo, from Tuesday, July 10, 1951. It sounds almost like something Mary Stewart may have written in one of her novels!

Wasp Stung Vicar, Car Overturned

The Rev. F. A. Rainbow, of Kelloe Vicarage, was driving his car along the Durham road towards Sunderland to-day and when approaching East Herrington a wasp flew into the car and stung him on the face.

The shock caused Mr Rainbow to lose control and the car mounted a grass verge, struck a tree and overturned.

A motorist helped Mr Rainbow from his car and he was taken by ambulance to Sunderland Royal Infirmary. After treatment for facial lacerations he was taken home. Copyright The Sunderland Echo