It is Day 14 of my Mary Stewart Advent Calendar. As I did yesterday, I am quoting a few fragments from an early version of a Mary Stewart novel, scraps that were excised from the final version of the book but are still of interest (I think so anyway!). So – which book are these quotes from?

Opening line: Herr Hauptmann Wagner, of the German Air Force, looked out of the window of the railway carriage and sighed to himself.

I have neither a good head nor a good palate. I like my drinks sweet, for preference, and I can’t tell one from the other. J__ used to laugh at me a lot about it. But I had discovered that Cinzano was safe, and I stuck to it.

It was at that moment, I think, that I first realised that something really was going to happen… I do not mean that I got the faintest inkling of what was actually going on, but I had the fantastic impression that I knew this man already very well. It was as if, momentarily, the bonds of the future tightened before their time.

Okay, who thinks they know what the novel is?  And who is the man referred to in the third quote?