We are already on Day 3 of the Mary Stewart Advent Calendar – my attempt to post a tiny snippet relating to Mary Stewart every day up until Christmas. Today I’ve chosen a really quick option that I hope visitors will enjoy as much as I do: Mary Stewart poetry.

Here is ‘A Mountain Bridge’, a very short piece of poetry that, firstly, makes me appreciate how cosy I am indoors right now! Secondly, it makes me think of the Valmy Estate and that bridge, of Linda meeting Raoul for the first time in Nine Coaches Waiting. Delicious.

A Mountain Bridge

A mountain bridge,
A frozen stream,
Cold moon staring
In a dream.

Cold stars shedding
Icy light,
And nothing stirring
In the still night.

From ‘Frost on the Window and other poems’ by Mary Stewart. Published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1990. Copyright Mary Stewart.