Sharp-eyed visitors to my blog may have spotted that I am attempting – slowly – to add a blogroll to the site. So far I have added some newspaper articles and interviews, and the latest addition is an article I have only just discovered today within Hodder & Stoughton’s website.

I don’t know how long  ago this article by Kate Parkin was written but immediately I wanted to share it. There are short summaries of ten of Mary Stewart’s novels and to my mind Kate sums up very succinctly why the books continue to appeal so strongly. For example:

“Literate, intelligent, stylish and witty, what all Mary Stewart’s books have in common is a richly imagined sense of place, a compelling plot and that little touch of magic that lingers on in your mind long after the last page.”

Regarding the other articles I have linked to in the blog, I would have to advise readers not to assume that these are completely accurate – given that Mary Stewart lived in Scotland from 1956 until her death in 2014, it is particularly galling that the Scottish newspaper obituaries could not record her correct date of birth!

On the other hand, I cannot recommend highly enough the Rosemary Goring article from earlier this month, this is wonderfully written and I get a lump in my throat every time I read it.

I hope to keep finding and linking articles to the blog, and the next stage might be to look for and add other people’s blog posts on Mary Stewart -but there will, surely, be far too many to add them all and I’d be uncomfortable I think with linking to ‘a select few’. How do other bloggers tackle this?

I’m still really quite new to blogging and I had never so much as considered writing a blog until it was suggested in August, as a task in a social media course at work. I decided quickly that it would be a Mary Stewart blog but I knew nothing about blogging. I’ve learned a  little since then and, happily, WordPress does all the hard work for me but I am still trying to figure out structure, blog etiquette etc. So, in short: any tips or hints gratefully received!